A Selection of Incidents from 1986  to 1990

Key :     F.A.G.I.  -  False Alarm, Good Intent  (Non Malicious)

             F.A.M.  -  False Alarm, Malicious

            A.F.A.    - Automatic Fire Alarm


Strood, M2 Underpass ~          Car Alight Hartley Court Farm ~             Relief Crew Snodland, Townsend Hook ~  Starch Hopper
Snodland, Holborough Park ~ Sheds Alight Halling, Vicarage Road ~    R.T.A., Petrol on Road Cobham School
Larkfield, Tesco's Snodland, Saltings Road ~  F.A.M. Halling High Street ~                   Fire in Bedroom
Snodland, Portland Place ~    Bottle Bank West Malling Air Station ~  A.F.A. Snodland, Townsend Road ~      Fire in Washing Machine



Aylesford, Reed International ~ Relief Crew East Malling, Shaftsbury Close ~ Chimney Rendezvous at Tesco's ~ Girl in Lake
Motorway,M20 Box No.6509B ~ Lorry Alight Leybourne Hospital ~ Abandoned Call Larkfield, Keats Road ~ Fire in Washing Machine
Culverstone, Heron Hill ~ Caravanette Alight Snodland, Saltings Road ~ F.A.M. Halling High Street ~ Car Alight
Strood ~ Standby Halling Fire Station ~ Station Turn Out Ditton, Ditton Place ~ Smoke Issuing (Pumps 5)
Cuxton, Ladywood Drive ~ F.A.G.I. Aylesford, Reed International ~ Paper Stack (Pumps 6) Leybourne Hospital ~ A.F.A. Villa M7
Eccles, Greenfield Close ~ Car Alight Halling, Rochester Road ~ R.T.A. Petrol Leaking West Malling Roundabout ~ R.T.A. Persons Trapped
Leybourne Hospital ~ A.F.A. C.C.4 Dartford ~ Standby Snodland Railway Station ~ F.A.M.
Halling, Vicarage Road ~ Rubbish in Bin Offham Quarry ~ Smell of Gas Halling, Portland Cement Works ~ Car Fire
Snodland, Bingley Close ~ O.A.P. Locked Out Leybourne Lay-by ~ Lorry Alight Cuxton, Wood Street ~ Shed Alight
Thames-Side ~ Standby Snodland ~ Child Trapped Cuxton, Nine Acres ~ Chimney
Aylesford, Quarry Wood ~ Leaking Gas Cylinders Gravesend ~ Dangerous Chimney Halling, Chapel Houses ~ Special Services
Snodland, Constitution Hill ~ Special Services Halling, Kent Road ~ Petrol Leaking Snodland, Malling Road ~ Telephone Kiosk
Cuxton, Charles Drive ~ Petrol Spillage Leybourne, Ivy-lodge ~ Fire Maidstone Hospital ~ A.F.A.
Leybourne Hospital ~ A.F.A. F5    



Larkfield Hotel ~ Bedroom Alight Cuxton, Harold Road ~ Fire in Garage Snodland, Covey Hall Road ~ Chimney
Maidstone, Loose Road ~ Fire Cuxton, Nine Acres ~ Chimney Leybourne Hospital ~ Fire M10
Strood ~ Standby Halling, Vicarage Road, ~ Chimney Cuxton, Bush Road ~ Woodland Alight
Leybourne Hospital ~ F.A.G.I. Ryarsh Primary School ~ Fire Snodland, Saltings Road ~ Mattress Alight
East Malling, Barn Lane ~ Smell of Burning Ryarsh, Routhetts Road ~ Fire in Bungalow (Pumps 3) Cuxton Caravan Site ~ Horse in Dyke
Cuxton, Hayley Close ~ Chip Pan Fire Snodland, A228 ~ Factory Alight Snodland, Opp. Holmesdale School ~ Telephone Kiosk
Snodland High Street ~ Car Leaking Petrol Aylesford, Forstal Road ~ Fire (Pumps 4) Maidstone Hospital ~ A.F.A.
Larkfield O.A.P. Home ~ A.F.A. Snodland, Malling Road ~ Fire in Garden Larkfield ~ Standby
Leybourne Hospital, Ivy-lodge ~ A.F.A. Snodland, Townsend Hook ~ Fire East Malling Research Station ~ Gas Leak
Snodland, Ham Hill ~ R.T.A. (Fatal) Maidstone Hospital ~ A.F.A. Aylesford, Mill Road ~ Relief Crew
Aylesford, Mill Road ~ A.F.A. Aylesford, Safeway's ~ A.F.A. Halling Riverbank ~ Undergrowth
Northfleet ~ Explosion (Pumps 5) Snodland Allotments ~ Shed Alight Thames-Side ~ Standby
New Ash Green, Turners Oak ~ A.F.A. Cuxton Road ~ Grass Alight Snodland, Malling Road ~ Grass and Hedgerow
Broadwater Farm ~ Grass Alight Motorway, M2 Box No. 8462B ~ Grass Alight Strood, Commissioners Road ~ Relief Crew (Pumps 10)
Halling High Street ~ Fire in Flat Above Shop Maidstone, Allington Way ~ Barn Alight Snodland, Field in Saltings Road ~ Tree Alight
Tonbridge School ~ Fire in Building Motorway M2, Junction 1 and 2 ~ F.A.G.I. Halling High Street ~ R.T.A. Persons Trapped
Halling High Street ~ Rubbish in Derelict House West Malling, A20 ~ R.T.A. Persons Trapped Halling, Cuxton Road ~ R.T.A.
Halling, Cuxton Road ~ Excess Water in Road Snodland, Brook Farm ~ Rubbish/Grass Snodland, Holmesdale School ~ Carbolic Acid Exploded
Halling By-Pass ~ Car Alight Snodland, St. Benedicts Road ~  Fire in Skip Larkfield, Lunsford Park ~ Abandoned Call
Halling By-Pass Bridge ~ Grass Snodland Bottle Bank ~ Bottle Bank Alight Reeds Packaging Ltd ~ No. 2 Machine Alight
Snodland Cricket Ground ~ Building Alight Strood, Knight Road ~ Fire (Pumps 5) West Malling Air Station ~ A.F.A.
Snodland, Townsend Hook ~ Station Exercise Motorway M2, Slip Road A228 ~ Diesel on Roadway Halling High Street ~ House Fire (Fatal)
West Malling Air Station ~ Fire Alarm Snodland, A228 ~ R.T.A. Persons Trapped Snodland, Thompson Close ~ F.A.M.
Wateringbury ~ R.T.A. Persons Trapped Motorway M20, Box No.6509A ~ Car Alight Rochester Road ~ Van Alight



Kemsley Paper Mill ~ Relief Crew Thompson Close ~ F.A.M. Halling, Kent Road ~ Paint Stripper Smoking
Snodland By-Pass ~ Petrol on Road Leybourne Hospital ~ F.A.M. Snodland By-Pass ~ Fire in Warehouse
Snodland, Covey Hall Road ~ Fire Persons Reported Gravesend, Palmer Avenue ~ F.A.M. Snodland, Malling Road ~ Smouldering Beams
Larkfield, Bricklayers Arms P.H. ~ Chimney Halling, Vicarage Road ~ Power Cable 'Shorting' Snodland, Birling Road ~ Fire in Shed
Snodland, Pilgrims View ~ Smoke Issuing West Malling, Douces Manor ~ A.F.A. Cuxton, Forge Cottage ~ Smoke Issuing
Aylesford, Kimberley Clark ~ No.1 and No.2  Underdrive Aylesford, Kimberley Clark ~ Fire in No.3 Machine Snodland, O/s Railway Station ~ Abandoned Call
Snodland, Paddlesworth Farm ~ Bonfire out of Control Snodland, Ham Hill ~Van Alight Snodland, Birling Road ~ Bonfire out of Control
Leybourne, Willowmead ~ Fire Alarm A2 C/b Junction 8 ~ Car Alight Cuxton, Sundridge Hill ~ R.T.A. Persons Trapped
Paddlesworth Junction ~ Tree Fire Motorway,M20 Box No 6524B ~ Grass Alight Strood ~ Standby
Motorway, M20 Junction 5 & 6 ~ Rubbish Alight on Hard Shoulder Kemsley Paper Mill ~ Relief Crew Snodland, Sandy Lane ~ Barley Field Alight
Larkfield, Carridon Terrain ~ Unknown Chemical Snodland, High St. O.A.P. Home ~ A.F.A. Singlewell, Old Cafe ~ Car Alight 
Snodland, Rectory Close ~ Cooking Fat Alight Snodland Sewage Works ~ Smoke Issuing Snodland, Malling Road ~ Smoke Issuing from Man-hole
Snodland, Roman Road ~ Milk Float Alight Malling Road Allotments ~ Grass Alight A2 C/b Junction 6 ~ R.T.A. Persons Trapped
Hermitage Lane Hospital ~ Fire Alarm Larkfield, Martins Square ~ Fire Alarm Halling, Rugby Cement Works ~ Grass Alight
Southfleet, Westwood Farm ~ Relief Crew (Barn Alight) Snodland Recreation Ground ~ Grass Alight Fawkham, Speedgate Farm ~ Relief Crew
Aylesford, Turbine House ~ Smoke Issuing Halling Church, Main Road ~ Car Alight Snodland, Austin's Farm ~ Relief Crew
Snodland, Lee Road ~        Rubbish Alight Motorway, M26 Box No 2154L ~ Grass Alight (Pumps 2) Snodland, Birling Road ~ Fire in Shed
Snodland, Hay's Distribution ~ A.F.A. Snodland, Thomson Close ~ Kitchen Alight Maidstone, Bicknor Road ~ Relief Crew
Snodland, M.K.W. ~ A.F.A. Cuxton, Station Road ~ Cut Straw Alight Halling, Formby Terrace ~ Fire
Home Farm, Ladds Lane ~ Chimney Larkfield ~ Standby Snodland, Malling Road ~ Chip Pan Alight
Snodland, Constitution Hill ~ Rubbish Alight Cuxton, Church Hill ~ Small Fire  Motorway, M2 Three Crutches ~ Fire
Snodland, Covey Hall Road ~ Fire Snodland, Saltings Road ~ Fire in Bedroom Strood, Hazeldeans ~ Relief Crew (Paper Alight)
Cuxton railway Station ~ F.A.G.I. Cuxton, Sundridge Hill ~ R.T.A. Persons Trapped Snodland, Midsummer Road ~ Smoke Detector Sounding
Halling, Rugby Cement Works ~ Fire Halling, Vicarage Road ~ R.T.A. Halling, Rugby Cement Works ~ Gas Cylinders on Fire
Snodland Roundabout ~ Van Alight Snodland, Birling Hill ~ Car Alight Upper Halling, Grove Road ~ Chimney



Halling, Shire Hall Road ~ Fire Thames-Side ~ Standby Snodland, Ham Hill Garage ~ Fire
Snodland, A228 ~ Car Alight Snodland, Rectory Close ~ F.A.G.I. Upper Halling, Chapel Lane ~ F.A.G.I.
Snodland, King Street ~ Fire Snodland, Candy Box ~ Ridge Tile Hanging Snodland, Holborough Road ~ Fire
Wateringbury Railway P. H. Snodland, Townsend Hook ~ Fire in Waste Area Snodland, Benedict Road ~ Car Alight
Snodland, A228 ~ R.T.A. Snodland, P.C.B. Malling Road ~ F.A.M.  Snodland, Saltings Road ~ Hedges Alight
Snodland, Holborough Road ~ Rubbish Strood ~ Standby Larkfield ~ Standby
Cuxton, Ladywood Road ~ Washing Machine Alight Cuxton, Woodhurst Close ~ Sparrow Trapped Snodland, Birling Road ~ Chimney
Larkfield, Gig Hill ~ R.T.A. Person Trapped Strood, White Wall Road ~ Fire (Pumps 10) Strood, Hazeldeans ~ Relief Crew
Snodland, Redman's ~ Fire Alarm A2 Near Little Chef ~ Lorry Alight Snodland, A228 ~ R.T.A. Person Trapped
Strood, Bligh Boards ~ Fire Upper Halling, Chapel Lane ~ Rubbish Alight Leybourne Hosp/Pilgrims Road ~ Fire in New School
Cuxton, B.O.C. ~ Gas Cylinders - Nitrogen

Upper Halling, Ladds Lane ~ Petrol on Road

Snodland, Coombe Close ~ Fire in Woods
Snodland, Norman Road ~ Cooker Alight Ryarsh, Chapel Street ~ Fire (Pumps 3) Snodland, St Katherine's School ~ Fire in School
Snodland, Castles Electronics ~ Fire Luton, Chatham, Hopewell Drive ~ Roof Alight (Pumps 8) Cuxton, Charles Drive ~ Car Alight
Snodland, Saltings Road ~ Trees Alight Snodland, Off By-Pass ~ F.A.G.I. Larkfield, Reeds International ~ Fire in Machinery
A2 C/b Junction 7 ~ R.T.A. Person Trapped Meopham, Ashdown Farm ~ Grass Alight (Pumps 2) Cuxton, Sundridge Hill ~ Grass Alight
Upper Halling, White Dyke Lane ~ Grass Alight West Malling, Air Field Estate ~ Lorry Alight Upper Halling, Browndens Road ~ Cornfield Alight
M20/A20, Coldharbour ~ Grass Alight Birling, Birling Place ~ Fire Maidstone and Ditton ~ Standby and Ragstone Court
Medway ~ Standby Strood, Earl Street ~ Barn Alight Strood, Cobham Woods ~ Car Alight in Woods
Faversham ~ F.A.G.I. Cuxton, Bush Road ~ Wood Pile Alight M2, Junction 2/3, Box No 8516B ~ R.T.A. Person Trapped
Trottiscliffe, Taylor's Lane ~  House Alight (Pumps 3) Cuxton, Bush Road ~ Van Alight Cuxton, Station Road ~ Straw Alight
Cuxton, Bush Road ~ Car Alight Halling, Bishop's Meadow ~ Man Trapped in Forklift Snodland, Neville Park ~ Rubbish
Snodland, Constitution Hill ~ Moped Alight Leybourne, Waterside Court ~ A.F.A Snodland, Saltings Road ~ Chimney
East Malling, Invicta Works ~ Fire (Pumps 3) Snodland, Claremont Car's ~ Rubbish